Q10. Can a zip file made from CAMEO be loaded into E-Plan?

Yes, you can import a zip file made from CAMEO into E-Plan as follows:

  • Log into the E-Planís Online Tier II Reporting System at https://tier2.erplan.net using your Access ID and password.
  • On the E-Plan Online Filing Submission Management page, click on Import 'zip/t2s' of the IMPORT TIER2 section.
  • The Import Tier2 or CAMEO Data Files page will appear. Click on Browse and choose the appropriate zip file on your computer that you want to upload.
  • Click on the Upload button to load the selected zip file. The Importing Uploaded File screen will appear. Please wait while the uploaded file is processed. This process may take several minutes depending on the size of the uploaded file.
  • Once the process is completed, the Import is complete message will appear. You can verify the result and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Continue to save.