Q20. How do I export data out of E-Plan into a .t2s file or .zip file?

  • Log into the E-Plan’s Online Tier II Reporting System at https://tier2.erplan.net using your Access ID and password.
  • On the E-Plan Online Filing Submission Management page, go to the ‘Enter new Data/ Retrieve old Data’ box and select the ‘Select a year to file/retrieve Tier II data’. Click on Continue.
  • The appropriate Online Filing Home page will appear. At the bottom of the page, click on Validate Record. The Submission Report for your submission will appear.
  • You can export the Tier II report to either a Tier2 zip file, a .t2s file, or a PDF file. Clicking on the appropriate button will perform the intended operations.

Note: The system automatically exports the attached site plans into Tier2 zip and .t2s files. The reported site plans will be placed in the SitePlansTemp folder of the zip file or .t2s file.