Q22. Is there any way to view data in .t2s or .zip file created by E-Plan?

  • The .t2s or the .zip file created by E-Planís Online Tier II Reporting System can only be viewed by the Tier2 Submit software developed by the EPA.
  • Open Tier2 Submit software. From the File menu click on Import / Export, then choose Import Files and select the .t2s or the .zip file stored on your computer.
  • The software displays messages indicating whether everything was imported properly.
  • Click on the Close button and verify that all the facility information you entered on E-Plan is visible. Pay particular attention to whether the properties of chemicals and their locations have been imported properly.
  • If everything looks okay, you can use the .t2s file stored on your computer to make an electronic submission to your state or local reporting agencies.