Q23. How do I delete an unused facility or remove last year's record?

Warning: Once the "Delete Facility" icon is selected and confirmed by you, the appropriate facility record will be permanently removed from E-Plan.

Follow these steps to delete an unused facility:
  • Log into the E-Plan’s Online Tier II Reporting System at https://tier2.erplan.net using your Access ID and password.
  • On the E-Plan Online Filing Submission Management page, go to the ‘Enter new Data/ Retrieve old Data’ box and select the ‘Select a year to file/retrieve Tier II data’. Click on Continue.
  • The Online Filing Home page will appear. Click on the appropriate Delete checkbox that you want to delete.
  • For example, a confirmation message "Do you want to delete the facility '2923793'?" is displayed. If you are sure that you want to delete the currently selected facility, choose OK. If not, choose Cancel to return to the Online Filing Home page.

  • If the option OK is selected, then the second confirmation message "Are you sure you want to delete the facility '2923793'?" is displayed.