Q25. How can I print a copy of my submission?

You can print reports for review as follows:

1) Filing status: Not filed

    • Log into the system at https://tier2.erplan.net
    • On the E-Plan Online Filing Submission Management page, go to the ‘Enter new Data/ Retrieve old Data’ box and select a year to file/retrieve Tier II data. Click on Continue.
    • Click Validate Record (Note: Your record must pass the validation checks.)
    • Click PDF file to open the Select Facilities for PDF screen
    • Select the check box and click Create PDF

2) Filing status: Filed
Once your data is filed, you can export data to either a Tier2 zip file, a .t2s file, or a PDF file.

    • Log on the system
    • Select a year to retrieve your data
    • Click Validate Record
    • Clicking on the appropriate button (Tier2 zip file, .t2s file, or PDF file) will perform the intended operations.