Q4. How do I start using E-Planís Online Tier II Reporting System?

You can start a new submission by going to the E-Planís Online Tier II Reporting System web site at https://tier2.erplan.net.

It will redirect to https://tier2.erplan.net/onlinefiling/filingLogin.html, which is the actual URL for filing.


Once at the "Welcome to E-Planís Online Tier II Reporting System" page, click on "Create An Account" to create a new 7-digit Access ID (e.g., 1014347). You will be prompted to enter a password twice, the name of the submitter, and a valid email address for your submission. The password will protect your submission against unauthorized access.


  1. If you have already registered for an account, just sign in with your access ID and Password.
  2. If you take over an existing account and do not know the log in credentials (i.e. Access ID and/or password), please use the Contact Us button on any E-Plan website page to request the account information.