Add/Edit Contact

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You can add a new contact to your submission by clicking on the appropriate Add New Contact icon shown on the Online Filing Home page.  After entering the required information, press the appropriate Save and Continue button to save the information.

Contact Role

Select a contact type from the drop down menu and click Continue to proceed.

*** Federal requirements:

You must provide three contacts as follows:

*** Important Note:

If your facility is subject to Emergency Planning under Section 302 of EPCRA (40 CPR part 355), one of your contacts must have a Contact Type of "Fac. Emergency Coordinator".

Contact Information page

In the Contact Information page, you must enter/select/check all of the applicable information including title, last name, first name, street address, city, county, state, and zip code.  You also need to provide a valid email address.

Contact Phone Information

Choose a phone type from the drop down list, enter the phone number, and click Add to save.

Facility Association

If you have multiple facilities, you can associate a contact with more than one facility.  You must select a facility, choose a contact type, and click Add to save.