E-Plan - Delivering Vital Hazmat Information to First Responders

The E-Plan User's Manual provides assistance in using the E-Plan portal.
In this document, you will learn:
  • How to create a user account.
  • How to log in / log out of the E-Plan portal.
  • How to modify account information such as retrieve User ID or change password.
  • How E-Plan's facility search, chemical search, chemical in facility search, facility visual search, and facility sector search functions work.
  • How to interpret the search results information sent back by E-Plan.

E-Plan (website: is a proven system since 2001 that provides first responders and others with on-site hazardous chemical information for fixed facilities around the United States. In emergency situations, the E-Plan system can make the difference between life and death for First Responders and victims of the emergency. E-Plan has been enthusiastically embraced by fire fighters and hazmat response teams, nationwide wherever it has been introduced. Without E-Plan, this information is currently available only in paper form and retrieving this information from a file storage room during an emergency is a difficult, lengthy process if even possible at all. Instant access to the critical Hazmat information provided by E-Plan makes it an invaluable tool for First Responders.

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