The Facility Search function is used to find a particular facility record or all facility records in a specific area (e.g., a city, a county, multiple counties, a state, multiple states, or nationwide) on the E-Plan portal and to access information for selected facilities.

To do a facility search, you can enter one or multiple parameters, but it is recommended to specify as many parameters as possible in order to keep the search refined. The best way to learn how to use the Facility Search function is to do some searches. Here is one example you can try:

Search for Tier II facilities with the name NEWLON in Ritchie country of West Virginia.

Step 1: You must be logged on.

Step 2: Click the gFacility Searchh option in the left pane.

Step 3: Enter NEWLON in the Facility Name text box and select the following parameters.

  • State: WV
  • Counties: Ritchie
  • Filing Type: Tier2

Step 4: Click Search.

Step 5: The Facility Search Result screen appears. The Facility Search Result (i.e. facility list) displays the result of a facility search or facility selection using the Facility Search's parameters. The Facility Search Result screen contains the facility ID, facility name, company name, filing type (Tier2 or RMP), filing year, and physical Address. It also has four command buttons available:

  • Download Tier2 Zip File Exports facility data to save as a Tier2 zip file
  • Google Map Shows facility locations on a Google map
  • Download Excel File Exports facility data to save as an Excel spreadsheet
  • Downloads Multiple KML File - Downloads multiple facilities within a city or county into a KML (formerly Keyhole Markup Language) file for use with Google Earth
  • Download Tier2 PDF File which exports the facility data to save as a Tier2 PDF file

You can click on a facility name to navigate its facility data. The facility data is organized into five parts; 1) Facility information, 2) Contact information, 3) Chemical inventory, 4) Additional information (e.g., contingency plan, floor plan, map, SDS), and 5) State fields.