Most of the search queries on E-Plan are based on entering key search terms or specifying criteria to filter the result set instead of searching for facilities in a geographic area (e.g., zip code, city, county or state), Visual Search allows users to search for facilities based on a geographic coordinate. This geographic coordinate can be selected on a Google map by placing a marker and facilities near that geographic coordinate are displayed dynamically on Google Map. The results can be then drilled down to get more information about a facility.

Steps to perform Facility Visual Search

Step 1: You must be logged on.

Step 2: Click the gFacility Visual Searchh option in the left pane.

Step 3: The Facility Visual Search page appears.

Step 4: You can perform a search for facilities using the following methods:

Method #1: Find facilities near an address

  • Type the address of the location in which you want to search for facilities (e.g. Arlington, TX).
  • Click on gMap Addressh. This will create a marker on the map, at the specified address.

  • Select the radius in miles that you want to find facilities. For example, 2 is selected in the below figure.

  • Click on gFind Facilitiesh. The facilities in the specified area will be marked on the map.

  • Click on the marker to view facility name and id.

  • Click on the Facility ID to view more information about the facility.

Method #2: Find facilities near a selected point

  • Click on the map at the specific location where you want to search for facilities.

  • Latitude and longitude values of the pointer will be displayed on the map. You may have to zoom in the map to precisely point the location.

  • Select the radius in miles that you want to find facilities. For example, 4 is selected in the below figure.

  • Click on the facility marker to view the information about the facility.

Step 4: Click on gClear Maph to clear all the facilities and geographic coordinates displayed on the map.